Planning For 2018

Monogramed Planner: Graphic Images [c/o] // Pen: Graphic Images [c/o] // Sweater: Goodnight Macaroon // Boots: Red Dress Boutique // Tote: Barrington Gifts // Earrings: Lisi Lerch

For me there is no time like the present to start planning ahead! We all know that I am a huge planner so I like to get a head start on planning 2018:) It is so crazy to think that another year is just around the corner. But I am very excited to see what a new year brings!

Right before the new year, I love to get a cute new planner that I will have for the rest of the year. Might sound weird but I actually keep all my planners from years past to look back on everything I have done throughout the years. This blush monogrammed planner is one of my favorites this far! I found Graphic Images through Instagram and fell in love with not only the style of the planner but the layout inside (oh and the Monogram on the front!).

The inside of the Graphic Images planners contains a monthly calendar and then a weekly hourly calendar. These are my favorite because I have to plan out my days hourly but I can also jot down big events on the monthly calendar. I have tried multiple different types of planners from weekly calendars and just daily calendars but I find these so hard to depict what I am doing during what time.

To start filling out my planner, I open up my old planner and go through each month and find things that are recurring again this year… i.e. Birthdays, Holidays, etc. I write them down on the monthly calendar so I don’t forget about them. Then I go through and put my school schedule on the hourly calendar so I block those times off each day. After that I go through and fill in new events that will be happening in the new year… i.e. Weddings, Vacations, Big Events.

Something about starting the year off really organized always gets me very excited! I can not wait to bring each of you on a journey with me through 2018 and hopefully create some really fun content for you all:)



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