Best Blogging Apps

Sweater: BP. (This color is absolutely stunning!) // Jeans: TopShop (Currently on SALE! Under $50) // Heels: Steve Madden // Purse: Sole Society // Earrings: Lisi Lerch

A question I get a lot is what apps I use to help run my blog/what apps can I use to keep up with blogs? I love providing resources to people that are interested in blogging or just want to read more blogs. I find such inspiration from the world that I have submerged myself into. Even before I started my blog 3 years ago, I loved reading about the new trends and felt inspired by other women that started their own business. So today I thought I would share with y’all what I use to keep up with the world around me:)

  1. BlogLovin’ is my favorite app to quickly catch up on all my favorite blogs! They make it incredibly easy to scroll through all your favorite blogs without entering a new URL every time you want to change blogs. I love that you can like select your favorites and like the blog posts and come back to it later if there was something I fancied. The whole app is so great and perfect for those that want to quickly read through multiple different blogs like me:)
  2. LikeToKnow.it… I know, I know everyone talks about this app and everyone and their mother pushes this app but to level with yall… I purchase most if not all of my clothing through this app! It is just so convenient to screen shot a picture on Instagram I like, then go to the app to shop the item I wanted. I used to spend hours on hours scrolling through different websites to find what I wanted. Now it is super easy to stay at home and shop! Also if you HATE all the emails there is a way to stop getting emails by going to your settings. This is a super old post but if you want to know how to turn off the emails I have it listed in HERE!
  3. PS Express which is the same as Photoshop but for your mobile device! You do have to have the Adobe Photoshop package to be able to use it but its how I edit all my pictures that I take on my phone. I am not big into crediting edits for my pictures because I like them to be natural and bright so I just quickly adjust the lighting on this app!
  4. Planoly is the PERFECT app to schedule your posts! You can create captions for the picture as well and then save them to the time you want to post. NOTE: it does not post the images for you! Which personally I like because sometimes I change my mind at the last minute. It also shows you a grid so you can add all the pictures you want to it then move them around to see what it will look like when you post. Aesthetics and cohesiveness is huge for a bloggers so this makes it super easy to judge whether or not the picture will go with your Instagram grid:)
  5. Kira Kira is my new favorite app for the winter! You can create videos that have sparkles in them and it makes everything light up! Perfect for all those Christmas lights hung all over town!

Let me know what your favorite app is on your phone! Doesn’t have to do with blogging but the one  that you use the most. I am always looking for new apps to download so I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

On another note I am super excited for next week because I don’t have work or class! I get a full half week to do nothing… well not nothing haha but things I really want/need to get done:) Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!



Favorite Fall Outfit

Sweater: BP. (Super Cozy & Under $40!) // Hat: Forever 21 // Jeans: STS Jeans // Boots: Red Dress Boutique (Under $50!!) // Purse: Kate Spade

Happy Monday! I am so excited to be sharing my favorite fall look on the blog today:) I was very hesitant to try and style this fiddlers hat… or whatever they call it haha! I didn’t know if I was going to be able to pull it off but I didn’t have time on Saturday to do my hair before Jeremy rushed me out the door so I grabbed this and threw it on. Instantly I fell in love with this whole simple look.

Jeremy was not a big fan of the hat at all and told me I looked like a limo driver… Boys just don’t get fashion I guess haha! ** Insert major eye roll! Anyway I fancied it and can’t wait to style it with some other outfits. This hat was only $12 from Forever 21 but I will link some others below that are a little bit more expensive. I didn’t want to invest too much into something I might not like but now that I love it I have been thinking about getting some more colors:)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week! Things are starting to slow down a lot for me between school, work and the blog. I have a HUGE to do list I made of things I want to invest more into with this blog and I can’t wait to start checking them off my list. Hopefully over the next few months I can get to coding a new layout for the blog 🙂



Something About Fall…

Sweater: BP. // Skirt: BP. // Boots: Sam Edelman // Lips: Stila ‘Perla’

You know there is just something about fall that reminds me each and every year that there is always new to come! We go from having blazing hot summers where we are rushing around to take in every moment that we can but then fall comes and it reminds us to take a deep breath and slow down. This is something that I struggle with a lot but gentle reminders like the leaves changing show me that beautiful things take time. Everything is go go go in my world and I tend to lose sight of what is important to me. Something about fall brings me back to where I need to be and sets me straight again.

I am one that constantly has to be doing something. If there is a moment in the day I am not doing something I feel it has been wasted. My calendar is booked for months at a time and every hour of every day is planned for me. (This gives Jeremy great anxiety haha)  Most people think I am mad but that’s just how I manage my life. But with all that being said, whenever it comes time for fall I don’t feel as anxious to plan everything or try to find things to fill my days. The idea of sitting by the fire reading or just being in the moment becomes way more appealing to me. Especially since there is only 2 short months before all the craziness of the holidays rolls around.

I would love to hear how you relax during this time? My favorite thing is probably taking a bubble bath haha. Even if everything else is going on around me and I have deadlines I have to make, I find time to lay in the bath tub! I swear there is nothing more relaxing that laying in all the bubbles with candles around you with a glass of wine and some Netflix’s 🙂 I found this shower caddy that goes over your tub so you can put your iPad and it even has an wine holder!! haha I will link it HERE if you want to check it out:)

Sorry this post was kind of random but all the beautiful changing leaves in the pictures reminded me of how relaxed this time of year feels. Thank you for spending some of your day with me! Y’all have no idea how much it means to me that you continue to support my blog:)