Tucked In Stripes

Jeans: Levi’s Skinny Jeans  // Top: Zara (Similar HERE!) // Heels: Steve Madden // Purse: SheIn // Lips: Mac Lipstick Viva Glam II // Sunnies: BP (Similar HERE, $12!)

Happy Monday, girlies!! Today I am styling this tucked in striped look that I wore over the weekend. I was never a big tucking in person even though my mom always begged me to when I was little haha. Well here ya go mom, I finally enjoy tucking in a t-shirt into jeans:) haha I think it gives my body more shape and dresses up a simple tee. I used to think that tucking in a tee was for moms who had mom jeans and tons of kids haha but boy am I wrong! Personally I would probably only ever tuck it in if I had high waist jeans on because it makes your legs look super long! This 5’3 girl needs all the help can get!!

Many a time I have shared my love for anything striped and with summer slowly creeping to an end I am reaching for it more and more. Something super classy about nautical stripes that just scream summer to me. Maybe the reason I keep gravitating towards them is because I don’t want to let go of all the hopes/excitement summer brings! But I will say as I am working towards transitioning my wardrobe to fall (which I will be sharing later on this week) I get incredibly exciting for sweaters and pumpkin spice. Since we won’t be traveling as much this fall with my school schedule, I am hoping that we can do a ton of really fun fall things in Dallas! Then again the fall mean hikes to me so we might just have to take a trip to Colorado for a quick weekend getaway;)

Hope everyone has a fantastic week! I am starting school (never thought I would say that again) today and super nervous/excited for how these next few months are going to! Wish me luck haha



The Next Chapter… (Part 2)

It is almost exactly one year ago, I sat down to write my first “The Next Chapter…” post about where I was headed/doing after graduating college (You can view it HERE). It is crazy to think after just one year, I have a new adventure I will be embarking on this fall! This post might get a little long so I apologize before hand haha.

Come August 21st, I will officially start my biggest journey yet of going back to school and getting a Masters of Science in Business Analytics from SMU (My undergrad was Mathematics from OU)! It is honestly so crazy to say that I am headed back to school because I was that person who said “I am never doing this school thing again!” Well now I am really eating my own words so I guess moral of the story is never say never. To be completely honest I came out of college thinking I would find a job, move into an apartment, and start my life… boy was a way wrong. It was actually really hard for me to accept that I was going to be taking a much different path than most of my friends. If you read the first “The Next Chapter…” you will know right after graduating from college I traveled for my sorority all over the country for 9 months educating and talking to women on different campuses. Even after those 9 months, I still had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do/where I wanted to be in life.

I was super late in deciding to go back to school haha. I’m talking applications were due 2 months from when I made my final decision. That included, recommendation letters, essays, and GMAT testing. Fast forward two months, everything turned in a week before it was due and went in for an in person interview a couple days later. I only applied to one school (Southern Methodist University) so everything was riding on this one decision. I can barely make a decision about what to eat for lunch let alone what I would be doing for a full year haha. Anyway, I received an email with my acceptance letter exactly one year to the day that I graduated from the University of Oklahoma. Funny part was I was in Norman, OK celebrating my best friends graduation so I guess you can say it was meant to be:)

My choice to go back to school was not an easy one at all but I had a dream of working for a big company in hopes of one day reaching an executive level. After doing tons of research and mapping out how I thought I could reach these goals I came to the hard conclusion that this was the best route for me. I by no means think that I am the smartest person in the room because school is actually a huge weakness of mine but a weakness is something I wont let defy me.

I am a big believer in making your own way in this world (with help from friends & family of course!) and continuously challenging or putting yourself outside your comfort zone gives you the ability to reach those goals/dreams.Starting this blog was a big part of me getting outside my comfort zone and trying something new. This blog was started in hopes of traveling more and sharing those experiences while exploring my more creative side hence the title of my blog:) After realizing I didn’t travel enough to have consistent posts, I moved into something I have always had a passion for, fashion, and decided to put myself out there as a fashion blogger.

While I understand that not everyone wants to start a blog or go back to school, I want to challenge each of you to find a passion in something and let that passion drive you to succeed. It’s really easy to get comfortable and accept things around us as it being what it is. There are so many opportunities out there and with a little bit of faith and a huge amount of motivation, those opportunities can be one of yours. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a massive life change but it can be something small that eventually snow balls into a dream or goal you never thought possible.

I honestly could not tell you where I will be a full year from now but what I do know is that taking this step outside of my comfort zone can only help me achieve what I want in life. I know this isn’t your typical “fashion blogger” post but I hope that through this you can find your own motivation/passion:) Hope everyone has a really great rest of the week!

“Good things come to those who wait. Great things come to those who go out and get them”



Summer Wedding Look

Summer Wedding Look 1Summer Wedding Look 2Summer Wedding Look 3Summer Wedding Look 4Summer Wedding Look 5Summer Wedding Look 6Summer Wedding Look 7

Floor Length Dress: Make Me Chic [c/o] (Exact Same HERE) (ONLY $23!!) // Heels: Steve Madden // Earrings: Lisi Lerch [c/o] // Lips: Stila ‘Perla’

It’s Monday again:( But I do have a fun post today about cute looks for a summer wedding! Anyone else feel like Facebook has turned into a place where everyone shares engagement or babies? Honestly it should be called Engagementbook or Babiebook haha! My entire feed is full of weddings after babies after weddings! But if I am being honest I don’t really mind it because I am a sucker for beautiful wedding gowns and colorful bridesmaid dresses! I am that girl who has an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to what I want my wedding to look like one day (A girl can dream, right?). You can see the board HERE!

Since planning a wedding isn’t in my future anytime soon, I will settle for looking for that perfect summer wedding look! There are so many different types of dresses out there and finding one for the occasion can be super tricky. Also you can end up spending ungodly amounts of money but to me it isn’t really worth it, if its for one time use!

I found this one off of Make Me Chic and was not expecting it to be that great of quality due to the price being so low. To my major surprise it was really stunning and flattering in person!! I threw it on and knew it would be great for a summer wedding attire. It is a long dress and not every wedding is perfect for a longer dress but if you have one I highly recommend this one! The floral pattern is obviously my favorite part and I love how it comes high up on your arms so the straps don’t fall down. That’s a big plus because dancing the night away can definitely get super intense and straps falling all the time are no fun!

Have a wonderful week! Hopefully we don’t all melt away with this extreme heat down south! Haha I love to sit outside and eat lunch/brunch with friends but these past couple weeks, I am all about that 60 degree AC!