Gushing Over Lush!

Happy Monday!! I have been getting a ton of questions lately about what I use to keep my skin so fresh and clear while traveling. These little guys are my BIG secret:) I honestly don’t know what I would do without LUSH Cosmetics. I struggled a lot with acne in high school and college but never really found anything that worked to get rid of it for a long period of time. That was until I met these little tubs! I have been using Lush for almost a year now and the impact it has made to my skin is incredible. Also every product is made by hand! Below I will talk about how I use each of them!!

** Disclaimer: I am by no means a dermatologist, this is just what has worked best for my skin:)

Lush “Ocean Salt” face and body scrub is my saving grace! When I first walked into the Lush store (which you can actually smell from a mile away!) they asked what I was looking for and I had noooo idea. I told the sales associate about my skin and how I was just desperate to try anything. She asked what kind of skin I had (dry or oily) and how often I wash my face. I have oily skin in my T area and drying skin around my mouth. I also wash my face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. She told me to try a scrub to help exfoliate my skin and get rid of any dead skin.

I love, love, love the “Ocean Salt” because its so refreshing and leaves your skin feeling sooo smooth:) I get my face wet with warm water and then take a little bit on my finger tips. I rub it all over my face and gently massage it into my skin. Next, I let it sit on my skin for a little bit before washing it off with warm water.

Lush “Breath Of Fresh Air” Toner is my absolute favorite toner they have! I have also used their “Tea Tree Water” toner but the breath of fresh air feels so refreshing on your skin after wearing make up all day long. At first I literally thought I had just bought the worlds most expensive bottle of water but that little “bottle of water” has changed my skin a lot haha. I notice my skins a lot more radiant after using the toner water.

I take the toner and spray it three times on my face. Then I take a cotton pad and wipe gently all over my face and neck. The toner is also GREAT for getting left over make up off, which I am convinced is the reason I don’t break out as badly anymore.

One of my favorite things to do every week is put on a mask and let it absorb all of the heavy week haha (Soooo dramatic, I know!). I have used multiple of their masks but the one I love the most is the Lush “Mask Of Magnaminty”. I have given it to my friends to try and they all say the same thing “this is so tingly! haha”. It tingles on your skin as it drys and pulls all the dirt and oil from your skin! Also it has a lot of mint in it so it gives you that cool, refreshing feel on your face.

I damp my face with warm water before applying and then I take little bits and apply it to my face. I smooth it all out and let it sit until it dries on my face. Then I take a warm wet hand towel and wipe my face with it. This lifts all the dirt and mask off your skin leaving it feeling incredible:)

To finish off my face routine, I apply the Lush “Magical Moringa” all over my face and neck. This moisturizer is the BOMB! I only wear it when I am going to bed or if I know I am not going to be wearing make up all day. It goes on matte to your skin so you don’t look all oily or greasy! You also do not need that much! It spreads very easily and doesn’t work as well with a lot of the moisturizer on your face.  Some people use it as a primer for their make up but I have found for me it doesn’t really work as well as my actual primer.

 I have tried some of their other products too including hair and bath bombs! I love everything I try and haven’t found anything that I don’t think works well for my skin. Listed below are other products I have used:)

Dark Angels Mask


Big Shampoo

Lip Service

Tea Tree Water Toner

Rosy Cheeks Mask

Cup O’ Coffee

Twilight Bath Bomb

Intergalactic Bath Bomb

If you have any questions about any of the LUSH products let me know because I swear by these products:)


My Make-Up Routine

Happy Wednesday!! There are sooooo many different brands of make-up out there, from drug store products to department store. I feel like I have tried tons of different products till I have finally found my everyday make up routine! All the products listed below are my ride or dies haha.

ONE // Revlon Colorstay: This drug store product is very similar to the Estee Lauder Double Wear but for way less money! It is perfect for wearing make-up all day long and not feeling like you have a massive amount of foundation caked on. Also it comes in two different bottles, Combination/Oily or Normal/dry. I use the combination/oily because my T spot tends to get a little bit oily throughout the day.

TWO // Naked Skin Concealer: This is stuff is AMAZZING for getting rid of those dark marks under the eyes and covering up little red spots or problem areas. It covers up my spots all day long and blends really well with your foundation.

THREE // Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: The name might just give away how great this mascara is;) Plus it does not flake off and create black spots all over your face. This one is my favorite for volume but to create a little more length I use the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara!

FOUR // Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil: My eyebrows were a hot hot mess before I started using this brow pencil. I was so nervous to try and draw in my eyebrows because I didn’t want them to look too fake or messy. When I went into Ulta they told me to try the Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil so it wouldn’t be so intimidating. The pencil is soooo great at filling in your eyebrow and making them look more defined and full!

FIVE // Two Faced Natural Eye Palette: I have been using this palette for years because its such the perfect natural shades! There are so many different shades to chose from and not as expensive as the Naked Palettes. I love using “Heaven” and “Silk Teddy” under my eyebrow to create a really defined look.

SIX // Benefit The Pore-fessional: If your like me and have bigger pores, this bad boy creates such a smooth and make-up ready feel to your skin. It helps make sure your foundation doesn’t sink right into your pores. I use it all over my face by applying a tiny bit to my finger tips before I apply my foundation.

SEVEN // Becca Opal Highlighter: This is my absolute favorite product that I use! I honestly get excited that when I get to apply this haha (is that weird??)! It is the best highlighter I have ever used:) I apply it to my upper cheek bone, the tip of my nose, the upper part of my lip, and a tiny swipe across my forehead.

EIGHT // Benefit Hoola: I use a contour kit for heavier make-up but it isn’t something I could use for everyday make-up so I bought this Benefit Hoola bronzer to do light contouring on my cheeks! It comes with a little brush that is perfect for creating a darker lines on your cheeks. After I brush on the bronzer, I take another bigger brush and blend it all in.

NINE // Tarte Blush: I use the Summering Peach Pink color. It is such a fun and warm color to add a little pop to your cheeks:) I only apply about a swipe of it so I don’t have alot of blush on.

TEN // Mac Lipstick “Twig”: I want to say I am on my 10th lipstick because I love it that much haha! It is the perfect nude shade and goes with literally everything!! I also apply the Stila Lush Lips Water Plumping before I put on the Mac Lipstick.

If you have any questions about any of the products I use let me know!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week:)

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#NSale Beauty

NSale Beauty

THIS NSALE IS FINALLY OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!! WAHOO:) Why do I get so excited for this sale??  I am a huge fan of this sale because of all the great pieces available! Just like last year most of the good stuff got snatched up during the early access sale but I have seen them restock things a couple time so don’t get discouraged!

In honor of the sale being public I thought I would share my favorite beauty products on sale right now! These ones listed below are either things I have bought or have tested and loved:)

1. Clarisonic ‘Mia’ Electronic Cleaning System –  Marked down from $129 to $89! The best cleaning systems I have ever tried:) Always wake up feeling fresh and new!

2. Clinique Moisturizing Set – Only $38!! I am a huge fan of Clinique because of the quality of their products. This moisturizer is great for hydrating really dry skin!

3. Voluspa Candles – Marked down from $40 to $29! I have these at home and I love lighting them whenever I take a bubble bath:) Their scent is unbelievable and so relaxing!

4. Sigma Make Up Brush & Cleaning Mat – Only $34!! I am constantly cleaning my brushes when I am home because of how much bacteria can build up in them… Which causes a lot of my break outs:( I find this cleaning mat to help really get into the brush and clean out all the left over make up!

5. Glam Glow ‘Gravitymud’ – $69!! I know this is a little bit of a more pricey item but Glam Glow really works! This set works great together to tighten, clear & hydrate your skin to leave it glowing;)

6. NARS Cheek Palette – Marked down from $124 to $65!! I just ordered this NARS palette so I am super excited to test it out and see if I like it!

7. Stila ‘Stay All Day’ Set – Marked down from $34 to ONLY $20!! I have always loved the Stila lipsticks and how well they stay on all day without getting super dry.

8. Kate Spade Perfume – Set valued at $150 but on sale for $95!! This is one of my favorite fragrances! There is something about Kate Spade that just sings elegance. This perfume is great for a date night or a first impression;)

9. Butter Nail Polish Set – Only $39 for all those colors!! These nail polishes are so bright and fun but yet has a fallie feel to it. I think a darker neutral color for the fall is so classic plus we can’t forget my favorite hunter green:)

Don’t forget the sale only runs through August 8th and then the prices fly back up to their normal price! I have listed all my favorite items in this post HERE… be sure to check it out for some inspiration:) Also I have a little page dedicated to this sale as well, which is linked HERE!


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