8 Things To Know About The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

THE BEST DAY EVER IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!! 1 more day and we will be running down the isles of fresh new fall clothing:) If I had to pick between this day or Christmas well… I would still pick Christmas but 100% Nordstrom Anniversary Sale comes runner up in my books. I shared little tips and tricks on my “Nordstrom Anniversary” tab but I wanted to go into a little bit more depth.

Everything goes really, really fast so you have to be prepared. My first year was about 3 years ago and I was not prepared at all. I tried to shop it in the store but got super overwhelmed and ended up leaving with nothing haha. It’s completely up to you on if you shop online or in the store. Both are great but sometimes online has more than the store has to offer. So here are my quick tips on how to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!

  1. Do NOT wait on anything! If you like it and think you will wear it, BUY IT! Like I have mentioned before things sell out really fast and sometimes they do get restocked but the really good stuff doesn’t always come back till after the sale. Nordstrom is great about returns so if you end up getting it and don’t love it then it’s really easy to return at a later time.
  2. Do NOT aimlessly roam through everything the sale has because it takes forever to go through everything. I categorize my items so I pick my top four pieces I really need and then search from there. Last year mine were Cardigans/sweaters, Booties, Jeans, and Purses. I went through those 4 categories first to see what I could find that I liked. Then moved on to other categorizes that I was really interest in.
  3. If you can SHOP THE SALE EARLY, great but if you can’t go ahead and go online during the pre-sale and write everything down that you want. I did this my second year when I didn’t have the card and it was super helpful for when the sale went live to the public. I simply searched for everything picked my size and checked out.
  4. Shop the the BASIC’S first! Nordstrom will have a ton of great items that are basic pieces to wear underneath fur vests, jackets and coats! I hate buying basic pieces for like $40 when I know they aren’t anything special, so when they are on sale I always stock up.
  5. Designer pieces will go the faster than anything else! If you need a new pair of those Tory Burch riding boot then grab them as soon as you can! They mark them down for a really good price plus they will be staple. Also designer purses go pretty fast as well.
  6. KNOW YOUR SIZES! This is key so you can easily and quickly add pieces to your shopping bag. For me I know that tighter fitting pieces I have to go with a Medium but for sweaters/cardigans I go with a small. Boots I tend to half size up for thicker socks, size 8 and for heels I go a half size down so I go with a 7! My shoe size is a 7.5 if you couldn’t guess;) If your unsure about a size I would order both and then return one at a later time. Oh and jeans… if you read they have stretch in them I always size down one or two sizes!
  7. Go through your closet and TAKE INVENTORY! This will help with deciding what basics you need. I know that my white t-shirt I wore literally every week is really gross so I went ahead and threw it away. Then I wrote down that I needed a white t-shirt from the sale! You can do this really easily and fairly fast!
  8. HAVE FUN!! I think people get so stressed out with all the times that it gets overwhelming but seriously have fun. This is a time when you get to shop all your fall favorites early on sale! What could be better than that??

Get excited!! Tomorrow is the day:) I will be posting all my favorites tomorrow for y’all so stay tuned! You won’t want to miss this!



  1. Such great tips! I’m so ready for this sale to start!

  2. so many great tips and tricks… love reading everyone’s advice and adding to my to-do list

  3. I totally agree not to wait! Thank god for free shipping because I literally order a new shipment each day *just incase* something sells out!

    xx, Danielle | Pineapple & Prosecco

  4. Love the rush of the shopping. Great Tips!

  5. AMAZING tips!! I can’t wait to get shopping!!

  6. Thanks for the tips. I wish the site wasn’t down so I could shop it.

  7. Great tips! Already got some shopping in this morning!!

  8. Literally my wallet already hates me… and it’s only the first day! xo

  9. what a great tip round up!! i can’t wait!!

  10. These are all great tips! So excited to shop this sale!

    April | http://www.thebluehydrangeas.com

  11. My favorite time of year!

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