5 Helpful Tips To Live Healthier

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I have ummed and awwhed about writing this blog post because I know every single person is so much different and there is never one single way to live a healthy life. But for me after traveling for 9 months I really let myself go and getting a healthy life back was all I wanted. Yes I was able to lose 15 pounds in 2 months but it was never the pounds I was after. All I wanted was to be able to look in the mirror and say “Damn she look good!!” haha and at the end of March I barely wanted to take my clothes off to change let alone stare at myself in the mirror! I also was always tired, had no motivation for anything, and my stress level as at an all time high. I knew something would have to change to get myself feeling healthier again!

The following are some healthy tips that has worked for me so some of it may work for your lifestyle and some of it may not. That’s okay! It’s all about living your best self and doing what works for you!

  1. Finding a workout routine that works for your lifestyle! I shared on insta stories that I was doing Kayla Itsines BBG and absolutely loving it! The program is very inspirational and is built around making you feel good not looking for how many pounds you have lost. It breaks it down by weeks and gives you Monday, Wednesday, and Friday work outs. On Tuesday and Thursday I do my own work outs that either include running, walking or biking. Others create their own routines on these days so you can 100% feel free to switch things up. I just love run and I run about 4 miles on those days (First mile timed then the other 3 miles are at my own pace). If your interested I 100% would check out Kayla Itsines’s Instagram! Super motivational and she is always giving healthy tips too!
  2. Eating what you want… but half the amount! I used to have three full blown meals a day. Now for some that totally works but for me who sits most of the day and I know I don’t have super high metabolism, I do not burning all those calories off in a day (No I don’t count my calories. That doesn’t work for me). I still eat all my favorites including, chips & guac, ice cream, popcorn and french fries but I have them in moderation and I limit when I eat them. For example, I love love love McDonald’s french fries so when I order them I get the small because if I get the large I know I will eat every single one even if I am full (Trust me this takes HUGE strength and most of the times I have to have Jeremy order for me because I know when they ask “Do you want to make that a large?”, “Yes” will come rolling out of my mouth before I can think haha). During the week though all I have is a granola/yogurt for breakfast, a sandwich and an apple for lunch and normally meat with vegetables and a starch for dinner. I have light foods throughout the day and a heavier meal for dinner because I sit all day long so I hate having that heavy feeling in my stomach.
  3. Cutting soda from my life was a major game changer! I would have DP’s all the time (Pretty sure I was addicted haha) but now I only drink water, coffee and tea. My favorite thing after a hard work out is getting my Yeti cup filling it with sonic ice, pouring water and filling it with fresh lemons! Fun fact: Lemon juice in small amounts gives you some of the essential electrolytes that provide energy and need replacement after exercise, including potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium. Honestly, now I don’t really crave soda like I used too. For the first couple weeks it was really hard but after a while the craving went away and now it kind of discusses me haha.
  4. Mindlessly eating is a big one for me! I try to sit and eat my meals without being on social media or watching TV. My parents were huge about us sitting down for a family meal when we were growing up and we were never allowed to watch TV while eating. As I was traveling I got into the bad habit of working while eating breakfast, lunch and dinner so I would just eat everything in front of me without thinking. Now I am home, I sit with my parents and have conversations with them. While we are sitting talking, I am realizing how full I am getting and stop as soon as I feel full instead of continuing to eat all my food on my plate.
  5. Listening to your body and understanding how it feels about different things. Like after I don’t work out for a couple days or after I eat certain items. I know that sounds kind of weird but it helps being aware of your body. For example, I know if I get more than 7 hours of sleep in a night I end up being less productive because I am more tired than if I just slept 6 or 7 hours. Also when I have had a soda, I become super bloated and feel very sick the rest of the day. By listening and understanding the way your body functions, you can maximize your healthy potential.

Like I said before these are just some tips I have found to be very helpful for me! I got a couple questions about what I do and thought I would share with everyone:) What are some great tips you follow to living healthy? I am always looking for fun ideas to add to my routine!




  1. Awesome tips and I love this workout gear!!!

  2. I love #5- as a therapist that treats eating disorders, learning to listen to your body is key. Intuitive eating is the ultimate way to eat in my opinion!

  3. ashleyharg says:

    SO many great tips! I need to get back into a good routine of working out ASAP.

  4. I am loving your workout gear! I am always more motivated when the workout gear is cute! I feel empowered when my outfit matches!

  5. sarah tripp says:

    these are such great tips! listening to your body is so important.

  6. I have really tried honing in on tip 5 recently. With eating, sleeping, and working out .. it really works!

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  7. LOVE these tips! SO important to listen to your body and know what it needs/ wants!

  8. These tips are amazing! I’ve made similar changes this year and noticed the difference! Thanks for sharing lady!

  9. Sandy a la Mode says:

    These really are such great tips! I think it’s so important to have a routine that fits in your life and schedule!

  10. Hillary @ Style in a Small Town says:

    Mindless eating is something that I REALLY need to get a handle on! I hear ya it’s easy to do! These are great tips – thanks girl!


  11. Thanks so much for sharing! I love these tips!


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