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I love traveling more than anything! If I could travel all the time, I seriously would because I think there is so much to learn from the world. One of the downsides to traveling is the airport 🙁 The dreaded security lines and cramming all your belongings into 50 pounds and then those awful seats. I have been so fortunate to travel ever since I was little but I didn’t start traveling alone till I has in high school. Along the way I have learnt some really easy tips to getting through security quickly and not forgetting to pack things. Here are my top tips for traveling at the airport:

Tip #1: Lay out all your outfits before you pack them.

Take the extra time to plan all your outfits. I even take pictures on my phone of what pieces go together so that way I don’t have to worry if I forgot something. I know it might take a bit of time but then you won’t have to search through your luggage for the right outfit. This also helps with over packing. I am the queen of over packing (just ask my bf). I always worry I am forgetting something so I throw extra stuff in my suitcase causing it to go over the weight limit:(

Tip #2: Place all your liquids in a plastic bag before arriving at the airport.

This helps so much with a carry on because when you get to the airport you don’t want to have to worry that you forgot to place a liquid in a bag and have to empty your suitcase for the security people. I also do this for my checked bag as well because the worst feeling in the world is opening up your suitcase and seeing your shampoo exploded all over your clothes. If it is in a plastic bag and it explodes you can just wash the bag and know that your clothes are still safe.

Tip #3: Put all your valuable belongings in your carry on.

I always try to fit everything in a check in bag but airplane companies are always losing luggage so to make sure I don’t lose my valuable belongings I try to keep them with me. Even though they tell you not to travel with valuables, I just can’t help it haha! I also pack all my jewelry in a travel case to keep it safe, like the one here.

Tip #4: Pack an extra outfit in your carry on.

I learnt this one the hard way! I got to my destination and found out my luggage had been lost and ended up spending the next couple days in the same outfit till I could go buy new clothes. Eventually I got my luggage but it was so frustrating not having my own clothes to change into.

Hope this makes your travels easier:)

XOXO, Hannah

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