DIY Halloween Costumes

This year my boyfriend and I decided to do a couples costume so naturally we picked the first thing that popped up on Pinterest when I searched “Couples Costumes”. So cheesy I know but I am so excited to be doing this with him. I have never done a couples costume before so this will be really interesting.

While searching on Pinterest I thought up a great idea to do a blog post on DIY costumes. Personally I hate the idea of going to the halloween store searching for hours to find a costume that might look great but ultimately never ends up looking like the girl on the front. So I decided I wasn’t going to waste my time on that but instead take time to come up with some really great costumes that you can make or just buy regular clothes and turn them into costumes. I hope this makes your costume searching a little easier this year!

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Off the Shoulder top // Leather Leggings // Jessica Simpson Red Pumps // Black Belt // MAC Lipstick ‘Lady Bug’

Who doesn’t love “Grease”?? Its a complete classic and honestly who wouldn’t want to be Sandy?! You should totally fulfill your dream of turning the bad boys into good boys by dressing up like her for one night! Most of these items I had in my closet already except for the off the shoulder top which was super easy to find! Jeremy and I will be dressing up like Danny and Sandy for Halloween this year and I am so excited!!

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Skeleton Body Suit // Black Tights // Black Booties

Kim Kardashian really knows how to do Halloween and I loved this costume she did last year! It is such a fun costume to recreate plus the make up for this is crazy awesome!! Here I have linked a Youtube video of a Half Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial. The girl that created the video is incredible and I love how it turned out! I am not a huge face paint person so the half skull was perfect for me.

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Nude Dress // Steve Madden Brown Heels // Black Headband // NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ‘London’

I don’t know why but this costume cracks me up! HAHA I love how “Basic” is it! Seriously though this costume is super easy to make. One of my favorite bloggers did a DIY on how to make this costume which I have linked HERE for y’all.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 3.33.13 PMBlack Body Suit // Cat Ears // Black Tights // Black Knee High Boots // MAC Lipstick ‘Rebel’

I can not tell you how much I love this costume!!! I saw it on @boobsandloubs and almost died. She looked amazing and wish I could pull off something like this! I really loved the simplicity of this look but how eye catching it was. It only took me a couple minutes to find all the items for this outfit. It is so easy to pull together last minute.

Please leave me comments on how you will be dressing this Halloween and Have a Happy Halloween!!!

XOXO, Hannah

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