Cape San Blas Travel Insta Recap + iPhone Pics

Travel look for the long 13 hour trek to Florida! This “Slaycation” shirt is so soft and fun for any vacation:)

A fun little look for the beach! FULL BLOG POST HERE

I love putting my hair in braids on the beach because it gets super tangled with the wind and waves!


Had to brighten up those gloomy days on the beach with this bright lemon towel! I wore this one piece so much… its super comfy and slimming:)


All the bright colored buildings on the beach are my favorite thing! All of them lined up next to each other creates a beautiful pastel piece of art.


This dress was honestly magical to wear and run on the beach in! The feeling of having something long and flowy on the beach felt like a princess;)

iPhone pictures from the trip:

^^ I had honestly just dropped this shark in the boat and I was terrified to hold him!

^^ haha his face just says it all on how excited he was!

I had honestly never heard of Cape San Blas so when I found out we were headed there for a week I looked up everything there was to do there! It is this beautiful and quaint little cape off the cost of Florida. Cape San Blas is a little east of Panama City and extends out into the Gulf Of Mexico. On the cape there are a couple local places to dine and shop but the Marina and bigger shops are about a 30 minute drive to a town called Port Saint Joe. I love knowing everything about a place before I get there haha… so if your like me I have listed everything below! I highly encourage you to check it out if you live close or looking for a fun little getaway for the weekend:)

Places To Eat On Cape San Blas
  • Cone Heads: Super fun place to grab lunch and below the restaurant there is an ice cream shop! They have a great outdoor patio and I swear every time we drove by it there were tons of cars parked out front. We loved grabbing drinks and eating lunch there when it was raining outside.
  • Cape Trading Post: They are a store but outside is a Coffee & Ice Cream bar. Right by the Ice Cream bar there is the big Cape San Blas chair!
  • Weber’s Little Donut Shop: In the mornings we would go grab donuts from this little hut! Oh my goodness are the donuts good plus they have a croissant that is dipped into a glaze… honestly the best thing I have ever tasted that early in the morning!
  • Skully’s Low Country Boil: I am not a super big fan of Cajun cuisine but Jeremy’s family loved Skullys gumbo and shrimp! They cook to order so its fresh and they get the shrimp every morning from the fisherman that come in. It is kind of hidden from the road but if you google it, it should come up!
  • Dockside Seafood & Raw Bar: Great tiny little restaurant on the Marina! You have to drive into Port Saint Joe to dine there but it over looks the Marina so you can watch all the boats come in and out!
  • Places we really wanted to try but didn’t get around too: Triple Tails Oyster Bar & GrillScallop RepublicIndian Pass Raw BarThe Sand Bucket
Places To Shop On Cape San Blas
  • Piggly Wiggly’s: I swear we were in this grocery store every single day picking up lunch or dinner! I know its not the best kind of shopping but I also find knowing what grocery stores are around is super helpful!
  • The Tackle Shop: For all those fisherman out there, there is a really small tackle shop right next to Scallops Cove. They stock all of the essentials including bate. Jeremy was always running in the store to grab more things and bate for fishing in off the beach.
  • Scallop’s Cove: This isn’t your average gas station stop! They had beer on tap inside that you could taste test and then purchase! Jeremy and I love to go to brewery’s so on rainy days we would run down there to taste their local beers. Also they have a little souvenir section too.
  • There wasn’t many places to shop boutiques but if you drove in from the west you would have passed Mexico Beach and they have tons of great little boutique shops!
What To Do On Cape San Blas
  • Shark Fishing: This was the coolest thing ever! I had never been shark fishing before and the experience was very exciting! We did release them back into the water once we caught a picture with them haha. The crew on board were really fun and friendly which was great. They would come over and assist you in getting the shark off the hook so it was very kid friendly!
  • Snorkeling Tours: We hoped on a boat in the middle of the week and they took us out to this beautiful clear spot in the bay area where we snorkeled for a good hour and a half! The crew on board were very knowledgeable about all things in the sea. We were given nets where we could catch/hold shells, snails, crabs, and anything else we could find besides fish. Once everyone was back in the boat, they did a show and tell of all the things that people caught (everything was placed back in the ocean)!
  • Bonfires On The Beach: This was my favorite thing to do at the end of the day! We would head down to the beach right before sunset, set up a fire in the sand, and watch the sun go down. Once the sun was down we would roast smores and sit around talking! So many other families were on the beach too doing a camp fire.
  • Night Time Crabbing: We never got around to doing this but tons of other families were out every night trying to catch crabs at night with a flashlight. Really great for the kids and running them around before bed time;)
  • Deep Sea Fishing: We also didn’t get to do this even though I know Jeremy was dying to go haha. When we were at the marina, there was always boats coming in after an 8 hour trip. They had some massive fish that they were unloading off the boats which made Jeremy itch because he wanted to be out there catching them! The one linked was the one that everyone recommended to us if we were going to do one!
  • Bike Riding through the National Park: At the end of the cape there is a national park! We spent all our sunny time out on the beach but I really wanted to take a bike ride through the park. Apparently it is absolutely beautiful and an easy ride.
  • Horse Back Riding On The Beach: This is something I have always wanted to do but never gotten the chance! Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to do this either but everyone raved about the experience so I wanted to add it in here!

If you have ever been to Cape San Blas let us know what your favorite thing to do there:)



  1. what a fun trip! I’ve never heard of San Blas and I’ve lived in Florida my whole life. Looks beautiful

  2. mylifeaslaurr says:

    Awe, this looks like such a fun trip!! I am totally obsessing over that lemon towel 🙂


    Lauren // http://www.mylifeaslaurr.com

  3. That lemon towel is darling! It looks like you two had a blast!

  4. Sandy a la Mode says:

    These are THE cutest pictures ever! I love that lemon blanket and all of your looks are so cute! I especially need that floral kimono/cover up!

  5. Maggie says:

    What an amazing trip! It looks like yall had so much fun – and you looked so stylish!

    Maggie @ Polished Closets

  6. It looks like you guys had so much fun!! Love all your looks!

    xo Megan

  7. My in-laws go here for a month every year! It’s so fun going to the trading posts and Piggly Wiggly and all the restaurants in town are so good! Hope you enjoyed your time!

  8. This looks like so much fun! I love that round beach towel!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  9. Amazing photos! Looks like y’all had fun!

  10. Mollie says:

    Sounds like you had a great trip! Obsessed with that lemon towel!

  11. OMG I need that cute tee!

    xx Leah / http://www.eatpraywearlove.com

  12. Looks like such a fun trip and I love that lemon towel


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